Advanced Dental Fillings and Onlays in Bakersfield

Discover the ultimate solution for restoring your smile with durable and functional dental fillings and onlays at Santa Rita Dental.

The Importance of Regular Dental Checkups

Why Choose Fillings and Onlays?

Benefits of Dental Fillings and Onlays

Dental fillings and onlays are essential restorative dental treatments that offer numerous benefits. They are highly durable, ensuring long-lasting protection for your teeth. These treatments restore the functionality of your teeth, allowing you to chew and speak comfortably. Additionally, dental fillings and onlays protect against further decay, maintaining your oral health. At Santa Rita Dental, we specialize in providing top-quality dental fillings and onlays in Bakersfield, ensuring your smile remains healthy and beautiful.

How to conquer your fear when visiting a dentist

Our expert team uses the latest materials and techniques to deliver exceptional results. Whether you need a simple filling or a more complex onlay, we are committed to providing personalized care tailored to your needs. Trust Santa Rita Dental for all your restorative dental treatments in Bakersfield.

Consultation and Assessment

Your journey begins with a thorough consultation and assessment. Our dental professionals will evaluate your oral health and discuss the best treatment options for you.

Preparation and Cleaning

Next, we prepare the affected tooth by removing any decay and cleaning the area. This step ensures a clean and stable foundation for the filling or onlay.

Filling or Onlay Placement

We then place the filling or onlay, carefully shaping it to match the natural contours of your tooth. This step restores the tooth’s functionality and appearance.


Final Adjustments and Polishing

Finally, we make any necessary adjustments to ensure a perfect fit and polish the filling or onlay for a smooth finish. Your restored tooth will look and feel natural.

Materials Used for Dental Fillings and Onlays

At Santa Rita Dental, we use only the highest quality materials for our dental fillings and onlays. Our fillings are made from durable composite resins that blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, ensuring both strength and aesthetics. For onlays, we utilize advanced ceramics and porcelain, known for their longevity and natural appearance. These materials are not only biocompatible but also resistant to wear and tear, providing long-lasting protection against further decay. Rest assured, our commitment to quality and safety means you receive the best restorative dental care available.

Our team carefully selects each material based on its performance and compatibility with your dental needs. This ensures that your fillings and onlays not only restore functionality but also enhance the overall health of your teeth. Trust Santa Rita Dental for effective and reliable restorative treatments.

Why Choose Us

Expertise and Advanced Technology

Choosing Santa Rita Dental for your restorative dental needs means opting for unparalleled expertise and cutting-edge technology. Our team of experienced dentists specializes in restorative treatments, ensuring that you receive care tailored to your unique dental situation. We stay at the forefront of dental advancements, utilizing the latest technology to provide precise and effective treatments.


Our personalized approach means we take the time to understand your concerns and develop a treatment plan that meets your specific needs. From the initial consultation to the final restoration, we are committed to providing a comfortable and positive experience. Our state-of-the-art facility in Bakersfield is equipped with the latest dental technology, ensuring that you receive the highest standard of care.

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